Purim Matanos La'evyonim

Matanos La'evyonim to the Poor of Tzfat

Purim Matanos La'evyonim
Help poor families in Tzfat on the auspicious day of Purim.There's a joke about this guy that kept his evyon a secret from year to year so that no one gives him money, that he can be yotzei the mitzvah every year beshlaimus. In Tzfas it's not a joke, we have over enough evyonim (500+), the secret's out. You can be Yotzei the mitzvah of mishloach manos and matanos levyonim bhiddur. Just $100 per box. Please donate today so that we can have enough for all of Tzfas' needy. May you have a very merry... Read More

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